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Loreen Willenberg
Loreen Willenberg
Executive Director, President and Founder
Sacramento, California
About Loreen

A California native, Loreen retired from her successful career as a Landscape Designer/Contractor in 2007 to dedicate her time to the PLWHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS) community as an HIV/AIDS Treatment and Vaccine Research Activist. Inspired by the beacon of hope represented by HIV Controllers, Loreen established the Zephyr L.T.N.P. Foundation, Inc. in 2006, with a dream to meet others like herself, and to help educate the general public about this unique group. Loreen currently resides in Sacramento, California, with her 16 year old cat, Keena.


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Patricia Steen
Patricia Steen

Kansas City, Missouri

About Trish

Patricia "Trish" Steen resides in Kansas City, Missouri, originally hailing from Brooklyn, New York. In 1989, at age 25, Trish was diagnosed with HIV. In April 2000, after living in denial of her status and refusing medical treatment for eleven years, she was diagnosed with AIDS. It was at this time that Trish felt a need to become an active participant in the fight to end HIV/AIDS and saw a great need to educate the community, as well as being a voice to help dispel HIV/AIDS stigma. Having completed many HIV/AIDS courses over the past nine years, Trish has become an avid advocate within the HIV/AIDS community. She is the Program Coordinator for Healthy University, a program designed by, for and about women infected, and affected, by HIV/AIDS. She also volunteers as a peer educator at Truman Medical Center, speaks publicly from time to time, and is a member of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Prevention & Care Planning Council of Kansas City, serving as Co-Chair of the Community Advocacy Committee.

Liz Reay
Elizabeth Reay, M.S.

Davis, California

About Liz

Liz Reay has worked for over 20 years in HIV and Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) research. She gained a Masters degree in Comparative Pathology in 2006 studying both HIV and SIV pathogenesis. She became very interested in patient advocacy while being a Clinical Coordinator for HIV studies at UC Davis. She currently works for CAHFS in Davis.

John Moore
John Moore is an attorney in California. HIV+ since 2004 and classified as a viremic controller, he first learned of the field of HIV Controller research from Zephyr founder, Loreen Willenberg. Inspired by her example, John is now an active participant in a number of HIV Controller studies. John joined Zephyr's board of directors in 2009.     Digg This!     Facebook     Google     Reddit     Stumble It!

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CROI 2011

  • Wednesday 9th March 2011
    This is our final bulletin from CROI 2011. We hope you have found our news coverage useful. You can find all our coverage at, including the news reports and bulletins.We are always looking for ways of improving and developing our resources – so if you have any comments that you would like
  • Thursday 3rd March 2011
    There is increasing evidence of the transmission of HIV strains with resistance to anti-HIV drugs in low- and middle-income countries. Research in eleven sub-Saharan African countries showed that the chances of detecting transmitted resistance increased by over a third each year that a country had been scaling up HIV treatment. A separate study involving people recently diagnosed
  • Wednesday 2nd March 2011
    A new type of anti-HIV drug that targets the first step in HIV’s entry into cells has done well in a Phase IIa study. Currently known as BMS-663068, the drug was shown to be safe and to work against the virus. HIV cell entry is a three-step process. The virus must first attach to the

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