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Sunday, 22 June 2008 13:29

The “Zephyr Foundation” is developed to establish a non-profit organization representing all individuals identified as “long-term non-progressor’s” (LTNP’s), Viremic Controllers, and Elite Controllers of HIV who are participating in clinical research studies throughout the international community.

  • Develop a potential list of donors inclusive of individuals, corporations, and charitable organizations for the Foundation.
  • Assist in recruitment efforts by locating and linking eligible participants to the LTNP/HIV Controller research studies for the advancement of those studies.
  • Provide financial resources in support of travel, lodging, meals and incidental expenses associated with participation in LTNP/HIV Controller clinical research studies.
  • Serve as a social network for all participants desiring communication within the LTNP/HIV Controller community.
  • Disseminate pertinent information to all participants, i.e. specific reimbursement policies per research entity, legal rights, honorariums, etc.
  • Act as a ‘liaison’ between the participant and the research entities.
  • Educate and inform eligible and enrolled candidates about the clinical research study participation process.
  • Assist in ‘stream-lining’ all associated logistical issues pertaining to travel, lodging and transportation to destined research facilities.
  • Present a ‘unified’ voice of the participants to institutions conducting LTNP/HIV Controller research studies.
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Please make a tax deductible donation to Zephyr LTNP Foundation, a 501(c)(3) entity via Paypal. No Paypal account required.

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December 30, 2009

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