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Friday, 25 April 2008 12:59

The Organization for Long-Term Non-Progressors (LTNPs) of HIV 

As researchers around the world strive toward a therapeutic vaccine with which to curb the AIDS pandemic, they begin to focus on a small but growing band of people who test positive for the Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus (HIV). Their views, and their clinical studies, reveal that these rare individuals may hold a possible key to unlock the mystery of AIDS. This growing band of individuals is called 'Long-Term Non-Progressors' (LTNPs) and HIV Controllers (HCs). As of June 2010, 1725 of these individuals have been identified and volunteer to participate in clinical research studies throughout the world.

The Zephyr Foundation was inspired by Loreen Willenberg, a California woman diagnosed with HIV in 1992. Designated an 'Elite Controller ' of HIV in 2004 by Dr. Bruce Walker of Partners AIDS Research Group (now called the Ragon Institute - Boston, Massachusetts), Loreen recognized an emerging need to disseminate information about the studies to the affected community,  and to offer support services to those individuals wishing to participate in them. She is grateful for the continued encouragement from family, friends, her 'cousins of control' and many supporters to establish the Zephyr Foundation as a formal non-profit  entity, a goal achieved in August 2010. Our mission, broadly defined, is:

  1. Foster community between all HIV Controllers and Long-Term Nonprogressors;
  2. Assist scientific investigators in their search for members of these communities;
  3. Augment expenses related to participation in the studies; and
  4. Maintain the topic of HIV Controllers and Long-Term Nonprogressors in the public view.

 In 2006, Dr. Walker created the 'International HIV Controllers Study', a collaboration of research institutions, medical providers and individuals dedicated  to the discovery of the mechanisms of control exhibited by this unique group. Information about the study can be accessed on the HIV Controllers Study website.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information or with any questions you might have.
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